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Herbs have been a part of magick and spellcrafting from the beginning of time, and with good reason.  Herbs by definition are plants that have special properties - usually medicinal or culinary - but magickally flower color, fragrance, plant form, and even root properties are equally important.  Most of us are quite familiar with the more well-known herbs such as Lavender, Sage, or Rosemary, and that's because each of them has very special qualities that we all remember forever after having  just one encounter with them.  There is an "energy" that emanates from many  herbs that can't be denied, and tapping into this energy is the very reason that these plants are used often in magickal spells and rituals.   How often you use herbs and how you use them is very individualistic, and I know of some people who rarely use herbs at all in their rituals, but to me, this is akin to trying to drive across town without your car keys.  You can get in the car and sit, but you won't go very far!

For those who are new to magick or just want more information on the energies used in magick, please review Magick & Witchcraft - A Primer for the basics on how and why simple magick could and should work for even beginners.  Also, for those who think a magick ritual has to be something sacreligious, consider all the day-to-day rituals we never even think about.  Nobody even in this day and time purposely walks under a ladder, and we all think about it when a black cat crosses our path or we break a mirror.  How many of us have thrown salt over our left shoulder to ward off evil spirits!  Who among us doesn't know that Garlic wards off vampires?  All these things we do and accept are little rituals to help us get through our day safely, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them.  In fact, throwing that salt over our shoulder or hanging that garlic may indeed do some good!

But I digress - the purpose of these pages is to give information on what herbs to use for what purposes, but these are only general guidelines.  Some herbs protect, some help us find love or happiness, some give us energy, and some amplify the properties of whatever they are combined with.  The guidelines within these pages are only guidelines, and if you have a favorite herb, then by all means experiment with it with different spells and rituals until you find its strongest point.  Fresh herbs are better than dried, but in a pinch, dried herb will work, though more weakly.  The herb can be eaten, burned, rubbed on the skin, touched with the fingertips, bathed in, immersed in liquids, etc. - it all just depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Below are links for the various magick categories we have researched and published so far.   We hope they are of some help in your magickal quest!