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Crystals have been used since the dawn of man for magickal and divination purposes.  Even without knowing a thing about atoms, molecular structures, or piezoelectric properties, crystals have inspired us on some deep emotional level - we pick them up, turn them around, feel their texture, see their beauty, and maybe consciously or subconsciously feel a kind of energy emanating from them.   In view of this, it's not hard to see why crystals have played an important roll in history and literature, not to mention magick and healing since the beginning of time.

When we think of crystals, clear Quartz crystals are usually the first thing to come to mind, but the world is full of crystals other than Quartz.  Diamonds are carbon crystals,  snowflakes are water crystals, and table salt is a sodium crystal, to name just a few.  We use Quartz crystals in everyday life in computers, radios, and clocks because ability to generate electrical impulses when mechanically stressed and because of their ability to resonate or vibrate when an electrical charge is applied to them.  We know that crystals are capable of both transmitting and emitting energy, and this is the essence of why they have been used metaphysically throughout history. 

Now before you say crystals are just rocks and can't help you or anybody else, consider this.  Studies were done on water crystals in different environments that actually suggest that water responds to external stimuli, and that this can be seen and analyzed in the resultant water crystals.  Part of the study consisted of taking water from good places (pristine mountain streams, the Fountain of Lourdes), and then taking water from bad places (polluted streams or heavily chlorinated water).  Pristine streams yielded breathtaking, perfectly formed water crystals, as did the holy water at the Fountain at Lourdes.   Polluted water resulted in crystals that were stunted and sickly looking, while heavily chlorinated water failed to form crystals at all.   Tests were also done by exposing the water to various music, and as expected, the water responded with beautiful crystals in the presence of classical and Tibetan music, and responded with stunted crystals or no crystals at all with heavy metal.  Even names spoken aloud influenced crystal development.  "Hitler" and "Demon" caused the crystals to be stunted, and "Love" and "Thank You" gave highly decorative and beautiful crystals.  Granted this study was done on water crystals, but all crystals share essentially the same physical and atomic make-up, so the fact that crystals are so highly esteemed in the metaphysical world is not so surprising after all. 

For most of us, our first crystal will be a Quartz crystal, either in its natural form or a cut and polished version.  Quartz is abundant, affordable, and readily available.  A natural Quartz crystal is always a 6-sided cylinder with a pyramid shape on one or both ends.  This is the natural form of Quartz and interestingly, the outward shape is an exact duplication of the molecular structure of the crystal.  If you take a hammer and break a crystal, the resultant pieces will all be smaller versions with the same shape as the original crystal.  If there is an all-purpose crystal for general metaphysical purposes, it is the Quartz crystal, and as such this is the best choice as a first crystal for anyone.  There's no set way to acquire your first Quartz crystal.  If you get it as a gift, then good - it was meant to be yours and it is special.  If you have to go get your own,  trust your instincts.  Look at the selection and purchase the one that jumps out at you.  If one catches your eye as you walk up to the display, get that one.

Whether you plan to use your crystal for healing, or spells, or just for general purposes, there are a few steps you need to take once you get your crystal home, including cleansing it and charging it.  Please see the links below for exact details, but before you do, get to know your crystal.  Look at it closely, hold it in your hand and try to feel it's energy.  Pay attention to any sensations you get from it. 

One last word about crystals, especially if you are a skeptic.  If you have a big problem with anything - health, relationships, work, kids, money, etc., even though you may not believe that crystals can help you, it definitely won't make matters worse to get a crystal and put it in your environment.  Science teaches us that there is subtle energy all around us, and maybe - just maybe - that little piece of rock could influence that energy just enough to make a difference.....


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