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How to Charge Crystals

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Once you acquire your first Crystal, you will need to clean and charge it  to attune it to your personal vibrations and energies.  Regular charging will keep the energy of the Crystal focused on you for health and positive energy.  Once you charge the Crystal for your own use, it is best not to let anyone else handle it, as it will also absorb energies from other people, diluting the benefits to you.   

To clean your crystal, simply wash it in water.  If you live near a natural spring or have access to sea water, all the better.  If not near the sea, adding salt (especially sea salt) to the cleansing water will add the electrical properties contained in the salt to the cleansing process. 

There are as many ways to charge a Crystal as there are people charging them, and therefore, we offer only general guidelines here.  Obviously, it is up to you to choose the way that you feel benefits you most.  Once your crystal is charged, it should be stored in a pouch of piece of soft material.  Silk is an excellent choice.   

If you want sun-type energy (light, restorative, life), place your crystal on a windowsill or outdoors for a few hours.  You can set the Crystal in a clear glass covered with clean water to amplify the energy from the sunlight, but this is optional. 

For moon-type energy (mystical, magical, inward fulfillment), put your crystal outside (either in water or not)  under the light of a full moon for several hours.  For slightly different goals, set the crystal out in a waxing moon (moving toward full moon) for increase and new beginnings, and in a waning moon (after the full moon) for decrease - as in debt, illness, etc. 

Bury your crystal for a few hours for earth energies (strength, magnetism, attraction, banish negativity).  If you don't have a yard, a pot filled with soil will do.  If you buy a bag of soil, make sure it's not a soilless mix, because you want the Crystal to come in contact with the real thing.

For a power charge (strength, break stubborn energies), put your Crystal outside in a thunderstorm where it can absorb the negative ions from lightning.   

If you want a fire-type energy, especially for purification, pass your Crystal briefly through the flame of a candle.

To reap the benefits of air (communication, intellect, understanding) hold your Crystal in the smoke of burning incense.  Sage and Sandalwood are excellent general purpose choices. 

To charge your Crystal to be in tune with a specific property of a magickal herb, sprinkle the essential oil of the chosen herb over the Crystal.

Below is a simple ritual that combines all the elements (earth, air, fire, water).  You will need a candle (preferably red), an incense stick of your choice, a small glass bowl of water, a small wooden or clay bowl of soil, and a bottle of essential oil of your choice (lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, or sage are good choices). 

Arrange the items in a circle with the bowl of earth in the North position, the incense stick to the East, the candle to the South, and the bowl of water to the West.  Place the essential oil in the middle. 

Light the candle (fire), and then light the incense (air) off the flame of the candle.  Sprinkle water over the Crystal, saying "I charge you with the power of water."  Sprinkle a little of the oil over the crystal, trying to visualize energy passing from you into the Crystal.  Pass the Crystal through the candle flame, saying "I charge you with the power of fire." Now, pass the Crystal through the incense smoke, saying "I charge you with the power of air."  Place the Crystal in the bowl of soil, and say "I charge you with the power of earth."    Gently wipe the Crystal off and store it in a piece of silk cloth or a silk bag.  If silk is not available, choose a soft cloth such as velvet for storage. 

Obviously, with a little practice, each of us will develop our own unique ways of charging our own Crystals.  This page is only meant to serve as a guideline, and if your Crystal is particularly fragile, you may not want to subject it to flame or water.  Use your good judgment and that Crystal will serve you well for a long, long time!

As a note, I received an excellent question from a reader recently regarding the charging of crystals. Lots of people probably wonder the same thing, so I have included the text of that correspondence below.

Question:  "I cleansed my crystal, and then used the example ritual you described to charge it.  If I were to use a second method to cleanse it, would it undo all the charging? Or would it retain the charged power, and just become more pure and clean?" 

Answer:  Crystals don't hold power in and of themselves, and their power after charging is only as strong as the power of the person who charges them.  Therefore, a crystal used by an experienced healer, for instance, will be much more effective than a crystal used by someone just tinkering around.  So, in answer to your question, the charge will be as strong as your energy, no more and no less no matter how many times you charge it.


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