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Ginseng is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The mystical and magickal lore goes back for thousands of years. Legend has it that these plants mysteriously rise from the ground at night, glowing, and flitting around the forest floor. The forked root of the plant also sometimes quite clearly resembles that of a human figure, giving rise to the aphrodisiac qualities associated with it. In fact, the most valuable roots of all are the few found with an appendage between the forked "legs" of the figure.

No surprise, then, that Ginseng is highly regarded as a stimulant and general tonic that promotes sexual potency, lust, vitality, and long life.

In modern magick, Ginseng root is carried to attract love, ensure sexual potency, enhance beauty, draw money, and promote general good health and vitality. It is also associated with protection, fulfillment of wishes, and spirituality. To attract love, fill a red or pink flannel bag with a lock of your own hair, a heart-shaped piece of sun-dried lemon peel, and a piece of dried Ginseng root. Consecrate and charge it, then wear it on a gold chain around your neck.

Burning Ginseng root or powder as an incense is believed to ward off evil, break hexes or curses, repel negative spirits, and provide visualization fulfillment

Drunk as a tea, Ginseng is believed to be a powerful lust-provoking aphrodisiac

Ginseng Tea: Boil 2 cups of water in a non-metallic container. Remove from heat. Steep a slice of Ginseng root (or powder - 3 teaspoons, or a Ginseng tea bag) and cover for at least 5 minutes. Flavor to taste with sugar, honey, cinnamon, or mint. Makes two cups.

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