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Sloss Furnaces
The Sloss Furnaces are undoubtedly the most famous and haunted place in the central Alabama area. The story here is that for years a cruel foreman on the midnight shift at the furnaces worked his men relentlessly under grueling conditions, with temperatures often rising above 120 degrees. This resulted in an unusual number of deaths on that shift, causing the company to eventually do away with it altogether. Paranormal activity in this place consists of sounds, temperature changes, feelings of being watched, and streaks and orbs. At a recent concert at the furnaces, we managed to get to a secluded walkway, and were surprised at the many orbs the camera detected within the area. Sloss is a must-see for anyone interested in paranormal occurrences, as it is fairly accessible through public events held there, and it is seems to be something of a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Sloss Furnaces are in downtown Birmingham off 1st Avenue North.


McConnico Cemetery
In 1865, while riding in their carriage one morning, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Locklin witnessed the apparitions of 12 Union horsemen in McConnico Cemetery. The couple swore they had seen the victims of Confederate Soldier, Lafayette Seigler, because of the bandages wrapped on each horseman's head. Seigler had ambushed Northern patrols in this area, and after killing them would cut off their ears. Intermittent sightings have occurred since that time, stretching over more than100 years.

McConnico Cemetary is located off I-84 and is situated on the banks of the Alabama River.


Interstate 65
Interstate 65 was built over sacred Indian burial grounds, and many believe that the ghosts of the Creek Indians now haunt the highway that runs through the middle of their spiritual home. In the 1830's, the Creeks were forced to leave this site, and over 3,500 of them died on while attempting to reach their new home on a Reservation in Oklahoma. Although this 40 mile stretch of highway is even, straight, and well maintained, many are convinced that it is haunted. Over the course of 6 years there have been 519 accidents, 23 deaths and 208 injuries on this one stretch of road. This high accident rate on a straight stretch of road is probably no coincidence!

This portion of Interstate 65 is located in South Central Alabama between Evergreen and Greenville. *Drive carefully!


Bass Cemetery
Bass Cemetery in Irondale is an old, little known, and fairly neglected cemetery in the Birmingham area. The locale is spooky, being out in the woods with basically nothing nearby. Some of the graves have been desecrated, and there are rumors that occult groups practice their rituals there. The cemetery itself is at least 200 years old, and there are Civil War soldiers and probably slaves buried there. Sketchy reports of paranormal activity include noises, orbs, mists, and at least partial manifestations of figures. The cemetery at this time has a gate and is closed at night. I have had some complaints from relatives that people are going in and vandalizing this cemetery at night. Please have respect, people!

Bass cemetery is located on Ruffner Road. From Roebuck Plaza, take Ruffner Road about 1 to 1.5 miles and look for a narrow dirt road on the south side of the highway. The cemetery is maybe 150 yards down this rather rough dirt road.


Harrison Cemetery
The sounds of fiddle music can still be heard inside the shelter built over Grancer Harrison's tomb. Grancer was a cotton farmer who built a large house on land bordering the Pea River. Nothing gave him more joy than to invite his neighbors over for square dances and barbeques. In fact, he loved dancing so much that he requested that when he died, he be laid out on his old feather bed adorned in his dancing shoes and clothes. Before death, he made a brick tomb large enough to house his feather bed then built a wooden shelter over it for protection. To this day people still report the sounds of his lively fiddle music emanating from inside of the structure.

Harrison Cemetery is in south Alabama, just outside Kinston, and on the opposite side of Cripple Creek at the junction of Highways 52 and 189.


Moundville Archeological Park
Moundville is a 1,000 year old Indian village consisting of 26 earthen mounds arranged in a rectangular shape. Not much is known about the civilization that occupied this territory, but at one point it was one of the largest city populations in North America. Thousands of burials took place there, some of which may have been within the mounds, but most of which are situated on the surrounding grounds. This is an area that is packed with noticeable energy from the moment you drive into the site, and reports of many different kinds of occurrences have been reported here, including unusual lights and sounds, mists, orbs, and cold spots. We personally visited this spot recently during the annual Indian festival, and the energy was literally palpable. Because of this, Moundville is a site that after a little more research we will probably upgrade to a portal site (see Other Dimensions for more information). There are campsites available within the park grounds, and campers have access to the mounds and surrounding areas at night, making this an incredible opportunity for those interested in experiencing the energy of a strongly kinetic place in an "up-close and personal" way.

Moundville Archeological Park is located 14 miles south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Highway 69, with clear signage from both directions on Interstate 20/59.

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