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Jane Roberts was an ordinary 34 year old woman who lived with her husband, Rob in an apartment in Elmira, NY in the early 60's.  Curiosity about dreams and consciousness eventually led Jane and Rob to start experimenting with a Ouija Board, and surprisingly during the first session, they encountered an entity named Seth, who was apparently open to conversation and who was quite verbose, a trait that didn't work all that well letter-by-letter using a Ouija board. 

Apparently Seth chose Jane as the one to channel through, and though reluctant at first,  Jane eventually started voicing Seth's words, resulting in a large volume of incredibly interesting work in virtually every aspect of the mystical field.

Though some of the transcripts are fairly deep and difficult to understand, the Seth material really does seem to ring true on many different levels of the paranormal, and as such we feel that it is vitally important to include relevant material here to help clarify concepts on other topics included on this website, including but not limited to Astral Projection, Life After Death, Other Dimensions, The Pyramids, Dreams, Crop Circles, Meditation, Astrology, Ghosts & Hauntings, and UFO's

Taken at face value, the Seth material gives us a plethora of common-sense insight into ourselves and the tenuous world around us, and as such it is worth effort to read and re-read the material he presents.   Taken more deeply, this material has the power to change your world for the better forever.   The Seth material is a large resource that originated in our modern world and speaks in terms that are understandable by modern readers, making it an absolute must-read for anyone serious about spiritual knowledge and the possibility of transcending into a higher plane of existence and awareness.


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