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Of all the insights imparted to us by the psychics and prophets through history, the Edgar Cayce readings rank at the top of  the most read and studied material - second only to Nostradamus.   As an ill-educated, unimposing man (1877-1945), Edgar Cayce astounded the world, especially with his uncanny and accurate medical knowledge, but also with his insight into various other disciplines, including Dreams, Prophecy, UFO's, Ancient Civilizations, the Pyramids, Astrology, Meditation, and Reincarnation, to name a few.

To do his readings (which he did for over 40 years), Cayce would lie on a couch every day with his hands folded over his stomach, and then go into what can only be called as a "trance."  Thus, his nickname "The Sleeping Prophet." He routinely took personal requests for information, often from tough medical cases who had been abandoned by conventional medicine, and used a holistic approach to healing, often using herb combinations and other substances in ways that had not been used previously.   His trances were so deep that he was twice pronounced clinically dead, only to arise refreshed each time with no memory of the material he had imparted. 

Cayce felt that his information while in trance came from a sort of Universal Consciousness, and that by putting aside his own consciousness, he could tap into the knowledge of the universe and relay this information to others. 

Although he was widely recognized as a medical and spiritual leader, Edgar Cayce remained humble, never wanted to be a part of the limelight, and lived much of his life in poverty.  Upon studying this man and his work, this makes sense, as he relays to us in over 14,000 readings that the more materialistic and greedy we are, the deeper our psychic selves lie within us.......

Though he has been gone for over 50 years, the Edgar Cayce material is still profound and relevant today, and as such the material here is much more than the man (thus, we won't go into a long biography here). 


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