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What we have with the Great Pyramid is a huge structure made out of big chunks of rock, each piece weighing at least 2 tons that rises 48 stories above ground level.  If you were an ancient Egyptian, how would you go about building something like this?

The traditional thinking is that the Great Pyramid was built course by course, and the rocks were quarried and then transported by over water by barge and over land by sled to the building site, then lifted using ropes and weighted arms similar to levers.   Some say that some sort of scaffolding may have also been used.  Sounds like a lot of work to us!

Unfortunately, mainstream science discounts the more unconventional theories that have been offered,  but considering the workmanship, durability, massive construction, incredible geometry, and mathematical preciseness of this particular structure, we almost HAVE to look at alternatives to conventional building procedures in order to explain how this massive monument came to be. 

One rather interesting theory comes from the Jane Roberts/Seth material.  When asked specifically about how the Pyramid was constructed, Seth says that sound was an integral ingredient.....

"This is a difficult subject. For the movement of heavy tons of rock for example different techniques, using sound and precise mathematical calculations were necessary. Many civilizations grew and flourished in fertile areas simply because the people knew how to make them fertile and to keep them that way.  Matter was manipulated through sound."

To expound on this premise, Seth told Jane to visualize herself at the scene of the building of the Pyramid, to which she responded, "I feel that a whole mass of people would visualize a pyramid in their imagination, then through their chanting, the use of certain vowels and pitches, they actually changed the air where that building was going to be. They made a boundary in the air, making angular gestures, a cohesiveness, for this imaginary structure. Then they had certain kinds of tuning forks, then some kind of instrument. The noise of the chant was like something that you’d use to turn on this instrument - when the chant got to a certain pitch it turned on this instrument, and it somehow intensified and focused sound to what we would call an incredible energy degree - broke it down and then focused it in certain directions.  You could move very heavy objects with it. The objects were levitated - raised up in the air, no matter how heavy. They only needed to be guided by people to some degree. Many men were used to guide them but not to lift or carry them. The sound instrument had a fantastic cohesive effect that bound atoms and molecules together.  Something about these instruments making atoms and molecules denser, somehow - doing different things with them.

Seth replied that this information was substantially correct and added, "You know that sound has an effect upon living things. It can help mend bone. It can also be used, to reinforce structures. We are in the preliminary stages, hopefully leading to some understanding of the nature of sound, though (humorously) you may not yet be able to build a pyramid in your back yard."

This all sounds like a fantastic way to build a pyramid, but Seth also goes on to give a warning about the overzealous use of sound in construction....

 "In some respects the over enthusiastic use of the sound was responsible for the flood mentioned in the Bible, and other literature.  There were several characteristics that proved difficult. Literally, the sound traveled further often than was intended, causing consequences not planned upon."

The famous prophet Edgar Cayce also commented similarly about the Great Pyramid, though he said that Atlantians were the ones who conceived and helped build it.  When asked how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, he replied "By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. Stone floats in the air in the same manner.

Other theories as to how the Pyramids were built include the idea that synthetic rock that was cast in molds as a liquid and then cooled in place.  This theory doesn't explain the verified quarries around the Pyramid site, however, nor does it explain why each individual rock is unique in dimension - something that wouldn't happen if stock molds were used. 

Although none of these theories no matter how conventional or unconventional has been proven today, an interesting side note in favor of some sort of acoustic levitation is that in virtually every culture where megaliths exist, there are legends of huge stones being levitated acoustically by the use of chants, songs, musical instruments, gongs, cymbals, drums, or by striking the stone and causing some sort of vibrational resonance to set the stone in motion.


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