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Astrological Personality Profile - Virgo
August 23 - September 22


Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, ruled by Mercury.  As the sixth sign of the zodiac, and the only sign represented by a woman, the Virgo individual is reliable, industrious, intelligent, and practical, adhering to standards that are quite high in virtually all aspects of their lives.   Famous and historical figures sharing Virgo traits are Mother Teresa (August 27), Michael Jackson (August 29), Ivan the Terrible (September 4), and President William H. Taft (September 15). 

The Virgo personality is a complex mix of intelligence, common sense, attention to detail, and commitment.  This is a down-to-earth sign with a strong sense of responsibility, especially with regard to family and close friends.  Although they are described as orderly and neat in most personality profiles, the modern day Virgo may not always stand out from the crowd in the neatness department.  However, even if the Virgo's house or office is not always in perfect order, you can be sure that they still know where to instantly find whatever they need, despite it being hidden in a pile somewhere.  The real stand-out feature of the Virgo personality is their commitment to excellence in everything they do.  This is a person who once committed to a given task, will complete it to the very best of his ability.  If something goes wrong, and the task is incomplete or not perfectly done, it will be on Virgo's mind for some time to come.  Virgos can be quite critical of perceived flaws in others, but do not take kindly to criticism themselves.  They are very aware of body and health, and will take a dim view of comments related to the physical, such as weight gain or acne, of which they are already painfully aware. If life becomes too complicated or their already fragile ego is damaged, Virgo may become depressed to the point of immobilization at home, but will probably still function perfectly in the workplace.  Virgo tends to be fairly careful with money and usually won't be caught without at least a small nest egg tucked away somewhere.

For those with a Virgo child, you have an energetic, talkative, analytic kid who may show maturity beyond his years starting at an early age.  These kids are constantly seeking out new activities, and require a constant stream of books and projects to keep them from becoming bored.  Your Virgo child will actually appreciate it when you give him household tasks to complete, and will generally do a good job with them, asking many questions along the way so he can do the best job possible.  Be sure not to criticize if his job does not turn out just right, however, as this will deflate his ego and he will not likely want to try again any time soon.  It's better with a Virgo to just talk about the nuts and bolts of how you accomplish the same task.  Virgo children are somewhat shy when confronted with new situations, so providing them with opportunities to socialize with other kids is an important part of their upbringing.  Virgos will do well in school due to their industrious nature and determination.  This is a willing little worker who should be supported fully in any direction in which he shows interest, such as music or science.   The Virgo child should do well as far as relationships within the family, unless there is a sibling with traits that he just cannot abide, such as a critical, pushy, or messy brother or sister.  In cases like this, giving the Virgo child a place of his own that he can retreat to is always a good idea.  

Virgo in the workplace is generally a dream come true.  These are intelligent, industrious, detail-oriented people who don't mind having superiors and who will be active team members as long as they are provided with the tools needed to do the job correctly.  In general, they are routine-oriented, doing their jobs the same way and in the same order day after day, and this shouldn't be interfered with or they will be thrown off balance.  Virgo may seem bossy and controlling at work at times, but this is not about ego - they are not striving to be the top dog.  Rather, they have an inner clock by which they work, and anyone that interferes is dealt with appropriately according to their Virgo standards.   Virgo is a star in the workplace when all their elements are intact - workspace that is organized and tidy, head organized and tidy, and body organized and tidy.  If anything becomes out of kilter, their performance could vary somewhat, but not so much in the workplace as in their personal lives, which can often become a chaotic mess because of their strong inborn sense of orderliness and the world in general not falling into line.  

If you have found a romantic partner in Virgo, you have found a classy, intelligent, and witty partner indeed.  You may have some trouble landing that Virgo, as they do tend to look before they leap, but when they do take the plunge, they do it with gusto.  Once you are in a committed relationship with Virgo,  you will have a partner that is willing to work to please you as long as you remember not to step on their sense of routine and order.  Virgo doesn't mind you taking the lead, but will buck if you disturb their sense of how things should be around the household.  A simple rule of thumb is take care of your Virgo, and your Virgo will take care of you!

The best matches for Virgo are Taurus, Capricorn, and another Virgo (Virgos tend to understand each other). Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio might work well for some individuals.  It will likely be tough going with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. 

Virgo in any relationship will be a diligent, hard worker who once embedded in the friendship will go the extra mile when needed.  Virgos are fairly critical and can tend to be nit-picky, but if you understand and accept this, they will be good friends who will amaze you with their wit and creativity.  Be careful not to step on your Virgo friend's ego, as they may go into a tailspin.  Many a Virgo has retreated to alcohol and drugs to lick open wounds.  All in all, however, your Virgo friend will be an asset and an ally who will allow you to take the lead if you have proven to be a trusted entity in their lives. 


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