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Ouija Boards - Tips & Tricks for Usage

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There's not much question that in the hands of reasonable people with reasonable expectations, a talking board can be of immense benefit in many ways.  However, it's possible to get into some fairly serious trouble if you don't use common sense and take precautions, and this page is an attempt to spell out the pitfalls and rewards involved in this powerful form of spiritual channeling.   

The first thing to remember when contemplating getting out that board is that you are inviting unknown entities into your physical realm.  Just as in everyday life, some of these entities are loving and kind, and some are evil and dangerous. Taking a few reasonable precautions and doing a little self-examination as far as why you are undertaking this in the first place will go a long way in assuring that you come out of the experience unscathed.

Pursuant to that, please find do's and don'ts for talking board usage below:

Don't get drunk at a party and run to the graveyard down the street with the Ouija board under your arm to see what happens.  This is akin to asking for possession.

Do choose your partners carefully.  Negativity, ridicule, or  bad attitude can cause the board to not work at all, or worse, summon something equally negative that may be difficult to banish.

Don't bark commands at the board.  Ask questions politely and never laugh or ridicule answers that may seem ridiculous at first glance. 

Do keep your board partners down to a manageable number.  4 or less is the usual recommendation, with maybe one more to act as the recorder or scribe (a tape recorder will work for this, too).  Answers that make no sense initially may reveal themselves to be extremely relevant later on.

Don't try to call up a specific person, especially at first.  This may pose an inconvenience for them, and it is also dangerous practice, as there are plenty of unfriendly entities just waiting for a chance to make a fool out of you.

Do choose a comfortable and familiar place to use the board.  Just as in everyday life, you are more apt to be successful and less apt to be a target when you are on your own, familiar turf. 

Don't continue with board usage if anyone in the group starts to feel anxious or afraid.  Quietly ask the spirit to leave and put the board away.  Be sure to say Goodbye and get a response before ending the session.  As stated over and over in these pages, talking boards can be quite dangerous, especially if an entity is allowed to get a foothold. 

Do use the board at night, if at all possible.  Nobody knows why it works better at night - it just does. 

Don't have multiple people asking questions.  Choose a spokesman beforehand and have everyone else remain silent throughout to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

Do set the mood before your session.  Soft background music is perfectly acceptable.  Dim the lights and do a few minutes of quiet meditation before starting.  A circle of candles (white or blue) around the table is a common practice for protection (be sure to close the circle afterwards), as is saying a prayer or chant beforehand, according to your own beliefs.  Burning protection herbs as incense may also be of benefit, and carrying a favorite protection crystal or stone in your pocket if you have one is certainly not a bad idea. 

Don't believe everything the board tells you, but don't be openly critical or skeptical either.  If you believe you are getting a crock of crap, end the session, say goodbye to the entity, and try again later.

Do give the board time to work.  Sometimes it takes a while for that planchette to start moving.  One way to get the ball rolling is by slowly and deliberately circling the board with the planchette.  You will know it when something takes hold and it starts to move on its own.

NEVER leave the planchette on the board when you are not using it, and NEVER remove the planchette from the board while in use!!

In conclusion, use common sense!  Exclude friends who are negative, be respectful, take a few precautions to begin with, and you should have an experience to remember.  If anyone out there has a Ouija board experience to share, we'd love to hear it - a link to the message board is below, or you can contact us privately by email.  Good luck, and be careful!


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