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How to Use a Dream Journal

Starting and maintaining a dream journal on a daily basis is essential for anyone seeking a more thorough understanding of how to interpret their dreams and how use that interpretation for the betterment of life in general.  This journal MUST become an ingrained habit, much like getting out of bed and brushing your teeth or drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning.  The requirements are simple - get a spiral notebook, diary, blank book, or whatever makes you comfortable, a pen, and a small flashlight, and place all in the nightstand or on the table beside your bed.   You can also use your PC word processor if you prefer to type the information in and if you don't have problems with getting out of bed and going to the computer in the middle of the night occasionally.   

Starting tonight, write the date on a blank sheet of whatever form of journal you have chosen so that you will see it and be reminded, and in the morning, WITHOUT FAIL, write down whatever you can remember of your dreams.  This may be nothing for the first few nights, but even if you can't remember a thing, SAY that you can't remember in the book.  This will help with just getting into the habit of waking up and grabbing that book upon first awakening. 

Many of us are so busy with the days and nights of working, parenting, social life, etc., that we rarely remember any dreams whatsoever, and it is those among us that need to keep a journal the most.  Never let your life get so out of control that you can't even remember your dreams!  Try this tonight, and I can assure you that it will become an ingrained procedure that you will find incredibly useful and enlightening for the rest of your life! 

Keep this regimen up for 2-3 weeks before you try to interpret anything too deep in what you are writing.  You need to establish a pattern of sorts over a period of time to get insight into what is really happening behind the scenes in your dreams.  Pay attention to symbolism, color, characters, and your own emotions, and write everything you can possibly remember down in that journal.  After a period of time when you have enough data, you can sit down and start looking into exactly what is going on, and you are sure to be in for an enlightening experience.  The links above left are designed to help you in your interpretation.


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